Safety Inspections

Australian WH&S regulations require plant equipment be regularly inspected as per the Australian Standards relative to the equipment type. To assist customers with their WH&S obligations regarding plant, HARTRITE provides a comprehensive equipment inspection program.
We have performed over 26,000 routine and periodic safety inspections; and over 100 major inspections/rebuilds.
We have developed extensive and detailed checklists to ensure thorough unit examination.
Following the inspection of every unit, a comprehensive, written report is issued to the customer.
Each inspection is logged into a database and “Due Date” indication is given prior to the next inspection falling due. This enables us to inform owners and fleet management of pending inspections, allowing compliance with WH&S regulations and the relative Australian Standards relating to inspection intervals.
HARTRITE is currently responsible for performing ongoing routine inspections for various customers on over 1000 items of plant equipment each year, which are located throughout the eastern and central regions of Australia.
Please contact us if you require advice or further information on Routine/Annual Inspections or on Major Inspections.